Learning and Development

Learning and DevelopmentAPICON’s clients benefit from establishing sustained performance through learning and development, the establishing strategic direction, change management, educated and agile management teams, sustained competitive advantage.


It is often said that an organisations greatest asset is its people. Yet the development of people becomes a low priority in many organisations.

Organisations often suffer from being unable to truly identify and measure their values, culture and staff alignment – the DNA of the organisation. APICON’s “applied intelligence” methodologies enable objective measurement of these “soft” qualities and provide personal development to address gaps thus addressing the alignment of an organisations greatest asset- its people.

APICON has developed a specialised approach to organisational learning and development where the alignment of their staff is central to success.

Readily accessible for all staff through the adoption of technology which enables comprehensive program to be implemented efficiently and quickly … resulting in a whole of organisation approach and strongly to the alignment of staff

Outcomes include

  • Clear understanding of the unique drivers for the organisation to meet its future goals and ambitions
  • Detailed analysis of the capability of the organisation with respect to these drivers and gaps
  • Individual analysis, feedback and readily implementable actions for each person in the organisation
  • Measurable outcomes and improvement of the human dimension of the organisation
  • Evidence based

The programs are tailored to each organisation and can incorporate organisation specific training modules on the same learning platform.

The program follows the broad structure

  • Scoping with CEO or project sponsor
  • Senior management “sprint” workshops
  • Analysis and identification of the essential drivers for the business
  • Questionnaire design and application across the organisation
  • Analysis of results and Leadership Assessment
  • Executive Insights Report
  • Individual reports; feedback and Guided actions

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“The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.”
Henry A. Kissinger

Central to the ability to achieve organisational goals are the skills and competencies of both the current leaders and the future leaders who will succeed them. In the rapidly changing environment in which organisations operate today

  • visualising the future
  • devising and executing the strategies
  • preparing the organization for the future

are critical tasks of the senior leadership team.

Many of our current leaders have built their executive position from a strong foundation of technical competence and have developed leadership skills through modelling and experience. Personal development activities can be ignored due to the pressures of executive and personal priorities. As a result there are gaps in executive competence – gaps which may lead to underperformance which can be systemic or appear when the organisation is under pressure.

APICON applies Transformative principles to identify and address these competence gaps in individual Executives and Executive teams. The Transformative approach is the combination of three dimensions:

  • Psychological – understanding of the self
  • Convictional – review of belief & values system
  • Behavioural – application

To develop a pipeline of future leaders the process is cascaded to identified potential leaders and the generation of targeted development activities including

  • Formal Training
  • Projects and assignments to bridge the experience gaps
  • Mentoring and Coaching

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In addition to the tailored organisational program APICON runs individual and small workshop programs to enhance the skills and insights for individuals and work teams.

The workshops include a wide range f topics. All of which may contribute to required professional development requirements. Workshops include:

  • Procurement
  • Marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Leadership
  • Project Management

Workshops are conducted by subject matter experts from APICON’s Academic Partners:- Victoria University; ECA College; Asia Pacific International College (MBA and MPM programs) and other selected experts

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