Company Background

APICON Company Profile

APICON’s core focus is to develop a creative – reflective class of professional leaders who can better master the challenges of the 21st century by developing high-performance cultures in organisations. Our values are:

  • A focus on client needs first
  • Continuous improvement & development
  • Treat customers, clients & our team with respect & dignity
  • Integrity in everything we do
  • Deliver value in all we do
  • Develop partnerships for success
  • Be good corporate citizens


APICON is at the forefront of professional executive development & growth throughout the Asia Pacific creating & sustaining high-performance cultures in organisations. Our customised transformative approach is proven to yield sustainable results that inculcate throughout the organisation.

We are positive change agents and pride ourselves in :

  • Developing High-Performance Cultures
  • Developing Executive Leadership
  • Identifying & Developing Talent Succession


APICON is backed by sound academic research to support all its programs and solutions. Our methods allow for a tailored approach in every case and transformative competency-based models ensure results are immediate for the organisation. The combination of blended learning, competency, self-reflection, peer review and online access makes our solutions unique in the market. Our aim is to develop a long-term partnership of success with clients.


APICON Team has a wealth of experience from the commercial, NGO & academic sectors. They have exceptional qualifications and hold PhDs, MBAs, Degrees & industry accreditations across various aspects of the business. Our team comprises of Founding Consultants, Accredited Associate Consultants & Academic Advisory Board.